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Bodyguard Training – How to become a Bodyguard PART 1


If you are interested in pursuing a career in body guarding or VIP protection you will have to undergo some sort of bodyguard training before you can actively start working or looking for a vacancy in this exciting and dynamic field. Bodyguards have to be apt and skilled in a number of areas and disciplines. Fortunately there are reputable companies that offer training in these areas in order to give you these very important skills and tactics.

All institutions that offer bodyguard training differ slightly in their course content; however there are a number of facets you will have to master before completing a VIP protection or body guarding course.

Physical Training:

Bodyguards need to be physically fit. Some courses require individuals to swim with confidence and run a certain distance in a predetermined time before they are accepted for bodyguard training and others do not. Nonetheless, one should always strive to be in excellent health and maintain a high level of fitness as this is a vital aspect of delivering excellent personal protection to your client or clients in future.

Close Protection Team Responsibilities and Roles:

The organisation of the executive protection team will be discussed in detail during your bodyguard training. This entails the roles and responsibilities of various close protection officers in different scenarios. Generally, at the beginning of each day, the activities of the client or principal are discussed and a plan of action is determined for the day. The principal or client may need to travel, attend functions and meetings during the day and his or her personal protection team must therefore ascertain the level of risk for each activity as well as which bodyguard will be assigned to which task.

Laws and Arrest Procedures:

All bodyguards need to know and understand that they are not above the law and must abide by the laws in their country at all times. Bodyguard training involves teaching individuals what they can and cannot do in terms of arresting and detaining individuals and so forth.

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