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Providing the highest quality bodyguard protection services in South Africa, is largely achieved by our absolute focus on our key areas of business. We have made a conscious effort to achieve quality services as opposed to going for quantity.


Our service division each have their own management team and are therefore run as businesses as opposed to divisions. As a result we only employ personnel who are able to pass our pre-employment criteria. Where we have made a decision to employ a bodyguard or CPO (Close Protection Officer) we then assess him/her to decide which of our services would best benefit from the individual based on his/her qualities, experience and qualification.


The bottom line is that we are in a position to categorically state that our service delivery and success rate is far superior to most of the others providing similar services.


Bodyguarding is effectively based around one principle and that is careful planning. The services we provide as we mentioned are provided only after our management team and our operational teams have correctly analyzed and calculated all risks and potential problems.

This principle applies to all our services no matter how big or low key the job is.


Our reputation is based solely on our ability to deliver a professional and ethical bodyguard service and that means we will never compromise!


The managing director Kyle Condon says " I have built a company that for the past fifteen (15) years has risen, head and shoulders above the rest. This though was not achieved by luck or even by busting our balls! But rather by ensuring that the people we have employed all understand and subscribe to our belief system, which is based on Pure professionalism!


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