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Bodyguard Hire for Public Figures

Whenever a public figure makes an appearance in the public domain they open themselves up to the possibility of an attack. These attacks can come from political detractors, stalkers or even overly obsessive fans. It is therefore vital that certain security measures be implemented in order to deter and supress any would be attacker. This piece will take a closer look at why public figures should consider bodyguard hire when appearing in public spaces.

Why do public figures need protection?

Public figures often face danger when out and about. These VIPs obviously have a higher risk of being confronted or attacked than any normal citizen would. Bodyguard hire is a service put into place to ensure that these VIPs are kept out of harm’s way in both public and private. High ranking politicians will often employ what is called VIP executive protection. This essentially refers to a team of security personnel which operate as a unit. You will have your driver, scouts as well as your regular bodyguards.

Bodyguard hire: The job

The job isn’t as simple as many Hollywood adaptations make it out to be. Contrary to what most people think, bodyguards aren’t just brawn with a proficiency in a martial art. Today’s security personnel need to possess a myriad of skills in order to effectively guard their client. They will need to be able to operate a vehicle under pressure, survey areas in which the VIP will be appearing for any undesirables, identify and try to fix any areas where security may be lacking as well as possess top notch observational skills.

Why choose D&K?

D&K Bodyguards have over 15 years’ experience in the personal protection industry supplying bodyguards to numerous VIPs. We operate discreetly and effectively, ensuring that no matter where you are you can feel at ease knowing your safety is in the hands of top professionals.

For more information on our bodyguard hire services, contact us today. We’ll be able to provide you with all of the information that you require in order to make a sound choice in your personal security and needs for bodyguard hire.

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