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The Subtle Art of Elite Protection

It isn't given to us to know those rare moments when people are wide open and the lightest touch can wither or heal. A moment too late and we can never reach them any more in this world. They will not be cured by our most efficacious drugs or slain with our sharpest swords

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Protecting Your Executives: How We Do It

Money makes the world go ‘round, which is why successful companies make use of executive protection services to protect their interests. As such, executive security not only deals with protecting the upper echelon of a company, but also extends to any person or resource of key value to the company. Following are some of the steps we take at Global Bodyguard Solutions to ensure the safety of your executive/key personnel.

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Are You Prepared for Bodyguard Training?

A vital question that not enough (potential) bodyguards ask themselves is whether or not they are ready for this career and the training it requires. Many individuals get tricked by movies into thinking it’s all about being muscular and menacing, but that’s really not it at all.

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Our Bodyguard Training Services: Why, What and Who

Discover the why, what, where and who of what our executive protection school has to offer when it comes to VIP protection training in Pretoria.

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Protection Excellence Begins With Professional Bodyguard Training

Offer the best protection to your clients by completing this professional VIP bodyguard training course, presented by experienced elites in the field.

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Practising Personal Protection in South Africa

Personal protection takes on a variety of forms, protection against negligence and protection against vindictive bodily harm. By being aware of protection of self,.

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World Class Private Protection Services

There are a number of companies out there offering the South African public as well as international visitors private protection.

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Protection Services in South Africa – Choosing the Right Firm to Protect You

Due care should always be taken when it comes to choosing the security company responsible for your protection services in South Africa.

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Bodyguard Hire – Choosing the Right Bodyguard

When it comes to bodyguard hire making an informed decision and hiring the right bodyguard is of the utmost importance.

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Professional Security Consultant for Your Business

A security consultant plays a vitally important role in any business’ security across South Africa.

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Airport Transfers for Travelling Businessmen and Women

The following piece will explore some of the benefits of airport transfers for businessmen and women.

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Personal Protection for International Dignitaries

As beautiful a country as South Africa is, it still represents significant risks for international dignitaries visiting our shores – which is why we offer you personal protection.

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Security consultants offer you peace of mind with highly developed skills and capabilities

If you are a businessperson, celebrity or individual who is concerned about your safety - we offer security consultants that can accommodate your lifestyle, while keeping you safe from any and all potential threats.

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Security services in South Africa – For the travelling executive

Security services in South Africa are truly one of the smartest investments that any travelling businessperson could make.

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Why and how our personal protection agents exceed expectations

In the world of personal protection, it is so easy to make mistakes that cost clients dearly. This is why we always aim for excellence in every aspect, as we never want to compromise our clients’ safety with silly mistakes or oversights.

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Protection services in South Africa – Vigilantes are filling the gaps that police don’t

Over the past ten years, few would argue against facts pointing to our national police force exhibiting a steady downhill; and more and more residents have thus been seeking private protection services in South Africa.

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Forming a closer relationship for tighter security - bodyguard hire

When clients choose a bodyguard to hire, we always try to express the fact that synergy is critical for optimal security. Our agents are rigorously trained with many different skills. Communication and social awareness, however, are vital components to this training. This is because when a client and an agent understand each other more, the agent can read a lot more from various responses and situations - and, thus, provide greater protection.

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Security services in South Africa - Becoming a necessity due to violent crime

Security services in South Africa have previously always been, for the most part, for VIP’s, important businesspeople and celebrities. Recent findings in crime stats, however, may just change this, as police commissioner Riah Phiyega revealed updated crime statistics last month...

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Exclusive security services in South Africa

Professional security services in South Africa have become more of a necessity over the last few years. Increasing crime rates coupled with an ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor have left South Africans from all walks of life feeling increasingly tense with regards to safety and security...

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A few things that you should know about VIP executive protection

Quality executive protection is an absolute must wherever VIPs find themselves travelling in the world. Many attacks have been stamped out before they even had a chance to materialise, thanks in no small part to having highly-trained protection services on hand...

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VIP security to provide comfort for your international clients or guests

There are often times in business when VIP security is more of a necessity than luxury – especially when it comes to hosting important international clients or stakeholders like investors. If a client or investor is from another country, he or she may not always feel safe to visit, which can severely limit your business relations. For such instances quality VIP protection can cater for comprehensive service – from pickups and transfers to bodyguarding and other specialised private protection needs...

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Skills that you can learn to enhance your own personal protection

It’s always exciting when new and innovative technologies are invented to fight crime and keep citizens safe, but it’s an unfortunate truth that these very technologies are often utilised by the criminals in order to enjoy even more advanced criminal activities. What criminals can’t use against you, however, are your own personal skills and capabilities. So let’s discuss what kinds of skills you can learn and practice to help enhance personal protection and avoid becoming a victim of crime...

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Protection services for witnesses and important clients in legal cases

It will never cease to sadden us at the thought of how much crime occurs in our beautiful country on a daily basis. What keeps us as a protection services provider motivated, however, is our sheer dedication to ridding our streets of this often violent crime so that we may all live in a safe environment without constantly worrying about our own security...

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How to keep safe and maintain optimal private protection

In the world of private protection it’s sometimes difficult not to get angry with what so many citizens have to deal with every day. This is because we are passionate about the safety of all South African citizens as well as foreign visitors...

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Security Services in South Africa - Keeping You and Your Group Totally Safe

Security has become a hot topic in South Africa over the last 10 – 15 years especially. With an astoundingly high crime rate fuelled by rampant unemployment and poverty, SA citizens are becoming increasingly concerned about their general safety ...

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Expert Airport Transfers And Your Safety

VIPs such as celebrities, political figures, business icons and sportsmen often find themselves needing travel around the world for their work. While each may have a resident team at home that takes care of their safety and security ...

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Security Consultants – Gaining The Most Strategic Security Advantage

The job of security consultants is a critically important one, especially in a country like South Africa. They are required to liaise with both businesses and individuals in terms of security for residential, industrial or commercial properties.

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Bodyguard Hire for Public Figures

Whenever a public figure makes an appearance in the public domain they open themselves up to the possibility of an attack. These attacks can come from political detractors, stalkers or even overly obsessive fans.

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VIP Security for Entertainers and Celebrities

VIP security is big business – and for good reason too. There are thousands of celebrities and entertainers out there with millions of fans, risking their safety whenever making public appearances.

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Most Skilled Security Drivers for VIPs

Once a VIP has landed in a new province or country they need to be able to get around via the road network. This is where VIP security drivers come in.

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Private Protection for Mandela Day and Other Special Events

Private protection for VIP’s and dignitaries at large events has become an absolute must over the last few years. With these events often beamed into households across the world via satellite television, it sets a stage for terrorist groups to violently force their ideologies or place demands on people.

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Airport transfers for the Comrades Marathon

Whenever an internationally renowned sporting event hits South Africa's shores and a number of professional athletes simultaneously touch down in the republic; secure airport transfers are required.

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Personal protection for Mandela Day 2014

Mandela Day is celebrated throughout the world as homage to one of the world's most inspirational leaders. There are a number of related events that take place in South Africa to commemorate the day. These include musical performances, speeches and gatherings of people looking to do 67 minutes of community service for those less fortunate.

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Keeping Your Kids Completely Safe With Protection Services in South Africa

For parents with children in Matric or even primary school, you can understand just how important events such as socials, formal dances and special celebrations can mean to them.


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Why International Tourists Should Request Qualified Local Security Consultants

If you are a business executive or are simply worried about your safety, then it’s important that you seek professional security consultants to make your travelling as enjoyable and convenient as possible.


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Security Services in South Africa – Tourist Protection is our Specialty

Travelling overseas can be a daunting and sometimes dangerous endeavour, and this is often even truer for those travelling to countries like SA – where the crime stats are far from ideal at present.


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Professional Airport Transfers – Safe Solution For All Travel

Air-travel is definitely one of the more enjoyable and convenient ways of travelling, but far too often good trips are ruined by poorly-planned airport transfers or trivial complications that dampen the mood of the trip.


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Personal Protection – Be Careful Who You Open Up To

We are consistently moving ever closer to the scary technological future that we see in movies, where a hacker can find all of your personal information in the blink of an eye and plan an attack without even leaving their location.


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Debunking Common Misconceptions About Bodyguarding

Bodyguarding has always remained rather ‘mysterious’ to the average citizen since we are always bombarded by the images of stereotypical bodyguards in movies.


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Rather be Safe than Sorry with Protection Services in South Africa

This old cliché has become good advice in our current age. It’s no secret that our crime rate is high and the need for private security is on the rise.


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VIP Protection and Professional Representation

Recently there have been cases of some VIP protection agents representing various organisations or bodies, who have been found to be involved in scandals of unprecedented nature, ranging from unnecessary use of extreme force, corruption and so on.


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Security Drivers for Maximum Safety and Convenience

We enjoy going the extra mile to provide an entirely comprehensive package for our clients when they are seeking to enlist skilled and proficient security drivers. This is why our loyal and expanding customer base consistently chooses us over competitors – no matter who, or what needs to be transported!


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Home and Business Executive Protection

Executive protection, also referred to as Close Personal Protection, is a more advanced style of personal protection where a person is exposed to greater threat due to ...


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Facilitating Efficient Airport Transfers

It is quite understandable why, over the past 12 years or so, airports have slowly been tightening their security protocols, expanding the list of illegal items and substances that aren’t allowed on planes and generally making airport transfers more of a nuisance than they should be for legal travellers.


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Advanced Training and Bodyguarding

By now we are all fully aware that bodyguarding involves the protection of someone from possible external threats. However, many people may not be aware of the vital skills that are required for proper bodyguarding to ensure the safety of the client at all times.


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Key Responsibilities of a Security Consultant

The security consultant is a vital cog in any security set-up; they may take more of a back seat when compared to personal security guards but are just as important.


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Personal Protection for Travelling VIP Clients

Nearly all VIPs require personal protection whilst travelling, whether they are heads of state, religious leaders or performance artists such as singers or actors. While these VIPs are not necessarily always in danger, there is always a small chance that someone out there may look to harm them.


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Personal Protection Services – Desirable Traits

For most people the phrase personal protection services conjures up images of burley men clad in dark suits and ear pieces who are all muscle and no brain.


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Why Citizens Are Opting For Private Security Services In South Africa

Private security services in South Africa are constantly gaining in popularity – as more and more citizens continue to lose faith in ‘public protection’.


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Personal Protection: Understanding Offensive and Defensive Weaponry

With the ever increasing crime rate and fear that grips so many citizens daily, it’s no surprise that more people are seeking personal protection in the form of weaponry – even dangerous weaponry!


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VIP Protection in South Africa – Make this Festive Season Enjoyable Indeed!

Although the title of this article may sound slightly exciting and festive, the truth is that around this time of year many criminals tend to take advantage of the great amount of activity and events throughout these “end-of-year” holidays.


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Understanding the Profession of a Security Consultant

Many people may find themselves confused with the notion of a “security consultant”. The task of a security consultant is to perform thorough inspections in order to pinpoint various strengths and weaknesses of a security system.


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The Advanced Skills of Professional Security Drivers

Although there are alReady so many dangers faced by drivers on South African roads, the dangers of driving become even more apparent for VIP’s who may be susceptible to planned attacks.


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Complete Convenience with Airport Transfer

Although “airport transfer” may be a somewhat ‘foreign’ term to you at first glance – no pun intended – it’s entirely possible and almost certain that at some stage you unwittingly or unknowingly enjoyed this service whilst travelling. Airport transfer basically refers to the drop off or pick up service between hotels or agreed points of contact, such as tourist hotspots.


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Enhance Your Lifestyle with a Respected Bodyguard Course

All across South Africa important business people and ‘average citizens’ alike are enquiring more and more about personal security and how they can further protect themselves. The threats to all South Africans are unfortunately on a constant rise, but we can stay a step ahead of criminals by undertaking security and safety measures, and even consider enrolling for a bodyguard course.


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Protocols to Increase Efficiency of VIP Protection in South Africa

Our agents are trained rigorously so as to not only survive potentially deadly situations, but also disarm threats and deliver the client to complete safety. VIP protection in South Africa, due to the sensitive and demanding nature of the job, is easily one of the most challenging career paths.


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VIP Protection and the Travelling Executive

In the complex and often misty area of private VIP protection, the requirements for the travelling principal pose the most challenges. When the principal travels within zones that the CPO (close protection officer) is familiar with, the same day-to-day guidelines generally apply. However ...


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Strategies on Reinforcing your Security Services in South Africa

If you consider safety of your family to be your top priority, then Read on as we discuss further preventative measurements, which virtually anyone can consider. Security services in South Africa are a great first step, but there are ways to further enhance your security services.


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Protection Services and the Concept of “White-Hat Criminals”

One of the stranger concepts in protection services that has recently been developed, is to test the level of security by allowing ‘professionals’ to try and break in, or perform the objective that a criminal usually would.


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Greater Comfort with Specialised VIP Security

The idea of a bodyguard is usually quite a set standard in the mind of most, but what people don’t somehow realise is that various types of VIP security exist - catering for different sub-categories or areas of specialisation.


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Reinforcing Your Guard Dog For Personal Protection

Guard dogs are trained animals which can play a vital role in providing personal protection and enhancing security levels. Although guard dogs are great as an extra layer of personal protection for you or your family a badly trained or untrained dog can lead to counterproductive results.


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Quality Personal Protection Courses

The personal protection industry is constantly growing and the need for security consultants and security companies in South Africa is not slowing down.


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Personal Protection For The Average Citizen

Personal protection is an effective option to provide safety, security and peace of mind. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford security consultants and some people may feel that they are not exposed to constant danger which would warrant this type of security.


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Bodyguards – Appearance versus function

Although the stereotypical image of a bodyguard is a tall, well-built man in a black suit wearing sunglasses, this is not always the case in reality. You may think that this is an obvious factor; you can’t dress like an Arab when walking through China and expect to be unnoticeable.


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Personal safety with VIP protection in South Africa

VIP protection in South Africa involves bodyguards who offer protection to clientele for any number of actual and potential dangers. Clients are considered VIPs no matter who they are, from wealthy businessmen to actors and even average citizens who deem it necessary to opt for a higher level of personal safety.


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Ultimate safety with Executive Protection

Executive protection is becoming more and more popular nowadays, with more people than ever before seeking personal safety from not only street crime, that almost everyone is exposed to, but also from the sinister threat of organised crime.


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VIP Protection in South Africa & Specialised Vehicles

Specialised vehicles have been developed over the years to help private security companies keep their clientsout of harm’s way.


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VIP Protection in South Africa - Bodyguard Training and Advanced Driving Skills

In occasions where the VIP may have real threat to their safety, it can take more than average bodyguard training to cater for the task at hand; thus necessitating VIP protection in South Africa.


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Good Personal Traits for Professional Bodyguards

Bodyguard Protection Services recognises the importance of this synergy and so we endeavour to appropriately match our clients with bodyguards, in order to ensure optimum private security.


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Bodyguard Training - How to become a Bodyguard PART 3

Proper surveillance tactics as well as countermeasures are an important aspect of bodyguard training.


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Bodyguard Training - How to become a Bodyguard PART 2

Bodyguard training involves a number of tactical driving lessons which will prove invaluable if and when required in a real life VIP protection scenario.


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Bodyguard Training - How to become a Bodyguard PART 1

If you are interested in pursuing a career in body guarding or VIP protection you will have to undergo some sort of bodyguard training..


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Author: Kyle Condon | Date: 2010/04/08 14:00

VIP protection services; for all events

The need for security is something that is very common in South Africa. Everything from cars to homes, we ensure that our assets are protected at all times.


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Author: Kyle Condon | Date: 2010/04/07 14:30

Chauffeur and protection services for Matric Dances

A Matric Dance is an important night for many young students as they celebrate their last year of school. For parents however, it can be a stressful evening as the safety of their children is put into the hands of others. 


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Author: Kyle Condon | Date: 2010/02/04 17:40

What makes Local Protection Agencies a better bet?

With the Football World Cup approaching at pace more and more visitors and fans are starting to make their travel plans. 


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Author: Kyle Condon | Date: 2009/03/26 13:15

What makes a good bodyguard - what it takes


The best bodyguards are not not the big muscular men working as bouncers working at a night club on a Saturday night. Its actually the athletic well groomed intellectual types that make for better a BODYGUARD.



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Author: Kyle Condon | Date: 2009/01/22 14:45

Providing close protection services for World Cup Soccer enthusiasts in 2010


Soccer fans visiting South Africa during the World Cup are now guaranteed to enjoy their experience in the country through the descreet presence of the Bodyguard Protection Services men and woman, who will ensure their clients full safety and peace of mind...


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