Although the private security industry in South Africa is among the largest in the world, with over 9,000 registered companies and 450,000 active private security guards, you still need to take certain steps in order to make a successful career in this sector. The private security industry includes guarding, monitoring, armed reaction, close protection, investigation and executive security services, as well as any other security-related services offered to private individuals and companies.

As an aspiring close protection agent, you need to take certain steps in order to make a successful career out of providing executive security services to clients in the private sector. The private security industry in South Africa is large and filled with opportunities, but you still need to stand out from other candidates and have a particular skillset.

Evaluate Yourself

The first step to becoming a close protection agent is to evaluate yourself. Do you have what it takes to be a bodyguard and provide expert executive security services to clients? Answer the following questions:

  • Are you able to maintain your composure under pressure?
  • Are you passionate about helping and serving other people?
  • Do you consider yourself to be trustworthy and loyal?
  • Are you flexible and adaptable by nature?
  • Do you have a clean criminal record?
  • Are you physically and mentally healthy?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of the questions above, you may need to re-evaluate your choice in career path, or you may need to work on acquiring some new strengths and skills. If you’ve passed the questions with flying colours by answering “yes” to all of them, you may just have what it takes to build a successful career in providing professional executive protection services.

Work on Your Personal Profile

In order to become attractive to clients looking for a bodyguard, or to a close protection agency, you need to work on your personal profile. Your personal profile, or résumé, will show your perspective employees why they should hire you, and it should include details such as:

  • Any relevant work experience (this includes volunteer programmes or internships)
  • Relevant qualifications or any training courses you have completed
  • Details about any strengths or hobbies that will tell the potential employer how fit and dedicated you are (sport club memberships, awards, charity work, etc.)

Your personal profile is your ticket to breaking into any career, you need to work on improving it with every opportunity you have. Do not let any opportunity pass you by, even if it is an unpaid internship; if it is viable, legal, notable and will add value to your résumé, go for it! Another sure way to beef up not only your résumé, but also your personal skills, strength and capability, is to register for a close protection course.

Get Qualifications

The most effective way of breaking your way into the security industry, especially as a bodyguard, is to complete an industry accredited and approved close protection training course. The close protection course offered by Global Bodyguard Solutions is accredited with over five statutory and industry bodies.This gives you a good idea of the quality of the qualification and how it will be recognised in your application. In the close protection course, you will be trained by active close protection specialists with years of experience which gives you invaluable insight into the career. You will also learn through practice and theory, with content including:

  • Law and Power of Arrest in SA
  • Defensive and Tactical Driving
  • CPR and Emergency First Aid
  • Firearms Handling

Having the abovementioned skills, and more, will allow you to stand out from other candidates who may lack any one of the skills that you can now add to your résumé. Successfully passing and completing this course will allow you to add the qualification to your résumé, as well as list all the valuable skills that you have learnt. Adding a list of skills, such as defensive and tactical driving and professional firearms handlingwill give you the boost that you need to accelerate your career in the private security industry.