vip security, vip security services, personal security guard META: At Global Bodyguard Solutions, we have plenty high-powered “weapons” in our arsenal, find out how we deliver effective VIP security services.

The Weapons in Our Arsenal: How We Provide Effective VIP Security Services

At Global Bodyguard Solutions,we have plenty of weapons in our arsenal which allow us to provide exceptional VIP security services that are efficient and effective. However, our weaponrygoes above and beyond the physical, as we use our industry knowledge and skill to provide proactive security solutions to our clients. Although we are well-equipped to handle firearms, we have plenty of other “weapons” or tactics that we use so that we don’t ever have to take out the big guns.

We Use Skills

Our close protection officers are trained in a variety of skillsets, which arerequired in order to be declared competent / to graduate as a bodyguard. These skills are taught in a leading, specialised training environment which empowers students with the capabilities to excel in the industry, skills include:

We Are Organised

Using the project management skills acquired through training and practical experience, our close protection officers are well versed in providing highly organised VIP security. Project management skills offer many benefits for our clients, from strict time management keeping, to ensured safety around the clock.

We Have Experience

All our close protection officers have experience in working as a personal security guard to working as a team in stressful situations, such as strikes.As a unit, our agency has more than two decades of experience operating as a continuously successful, close protection agency in South Africa. Our security professionals are managed by our experienced senior management team who have the industry knowledge and experience to back their expertise.

Feel free to contact us for more information and learn how we can offer you the close protection security solutions you need to feel safe 24/7, around the globe.