Sometimes, prospective clients of an executive protection agencyhave a vague idea of the value that can be provided. These potential customers have “Hollywood” type of ideas of bodyguards and executive protection specialists; big men that simply offer physical protection. However, this is anexceptionally misinformed assumption to make, especially for an executive protection agency like Global Bodyguard Solutions. If you want a realistic idea of the value agencies who offer executive protection services can provide, have a look below.

Security Assessments

Over and above offering physical protection, an executive protection specialist can offer clients security assessment services. This value-added service means that homes, hotels, venues, restaurants, and almost any place that will be visited by the client can be assessed for security risks. These expert insights will allow the protection service provider to give advice on how security risk can be minimised as well as to plan movements within these premises.

Travel Advisory

Travel advisory services can be offered by the professionals from an executive protection agency, delivering immense value in choosing the right transport and route options for maximum safety. Close protection agents can analyse the various travel requirements of the client and give professional and experienced advice as to what the safest arrangements would be.

Family Assistance

An exclusive service offering available from our close protection agency is family assistance services With family assistance, the families of clients are protected and assisted while the client is travelling and away from home. This gives the client peace of mind throughout their trip and offers maximum safety for the family. Some services within this solution include:

  • Assistance with maintenance issues
  • Child pick-up and drop-off services
  • Escorting family members to work and school
  • Securing homes at night, and more

For the ultimate executive protection services, be sure to contact us. We guarantee value in ourclose protection solutions.