Doing your research on close protection courses in South Africa? Have a look at how our close protection course costs weigh up against the value of opportunities you gain.

If you’re doing research on close protection courses in South Africa, whether for yourself or for your team, you may want to know what skills and value you will be getting out of it. By weighing up Global Bodyguard Solution’s close protection course cost to the value of skills and opportunities you gain, you will definitely find it to be worth the every cent.

So, what value can you gain from our close protection course that will outweigh its cost?

Loaded Course Content

The loaded content which is included in our close protection course contains a wide range of theoretical components which will provide graduates with immense industry knowledge. Some of the subjects included in the syllabus are:

  • Organisation of a Close Protection Team
  • Law and Power of Arrest (SA)
  • Threat Assessments
  • Personal Protocol and Etiquette

With theory, candidates are able to extend their skills beyond strength and size and add some valuable knowledge.

Practical Skills

Aside from theory, we also add onto and refine the practical skills of our candidates which is crucial for successful field work. Our practical course component empowers our graduates with the multi-faceted skills they need to excel in the industry. Our practical training includes:

training includes:

  • Physical Training
  • Defensive and Tactical Driving
  • CPR and Emergency First Aid
  • Firearms Handling / Live Fire

Career Opportunities

Probably the most valuable advantage of completing our close protection course is the immense career opportunities that graduates have with their newly acquired skills. Graduates are able to apply for various jobs, from providing clients with private bodyguard services to being part of a municipal or law enforcement security team.

Contact us for more information on our close protection course and let us prove to you how much more you can get out of our practical and theoretical content from the experts themselves.