Looking for the best close protection courses that will help you excel in the private security industry? Enrol in a close protection training course that will help you gain the most skills possible in order to amplify your service offerings. If you’re searching for jobs or clients, you will want to be able to provide a long list of skillsthat you acquired from your training.

So, what skills should be included in a close protection training course?

CPR and Emergency First Aid

Most close protection training prices should include training in CPR and emergency first aid. This is a basic skill that will elevate your profile as a bodyguard even further. Emergency first aid training will also be extremely beneficial in an emergency situation.

Project Management

Project management skills are often left out in a close protection training course.These skills are, however, great to have in order to offer a better quality of service towards clients. Project management knowledge and practice can offer you better time management skills as well as general managerial skills.

Tactical and Advanced Driving Training

If you’re looking at close protection training prices, check to see if they include tactical and advanced driving training. This is an essential, valuable skill to learn in order to offer your clients maximum safety while driving. This also gives you the opportunity to go into security driving for VIPs; not to mention that it is fun to learn!

Threat Assessment Training

Getting training on how to conduct a professional threat assessment is a definite advantage for your career. Conducting threat assessments can be presented as an entire service offering on its own, as it is valuable for VIPs and the like. Threat assessments can be conducted in businesses, hotels, and homes in order to evaluate all security risks prior to visiting.

Enrol in a close protection training course that offers you the most skills and knowledge training, to and elevate yourself in the private security industry.