Who is the Dynamic Close Protection Course for?

Our close protection course is aimed at various people who may be seeking to accomplish a range of career milestones. The individuals and teams we train are not only offered industry-leading theory, but are also given the opportunity to experience the challenges and risks faced by modern close protection officers in a practical way. Here is a quick summary of some of the candidates who will reap the benefits on completion of our close protection course.

Individuals Seeking to Break Their Way into the Industry

For individuals who are interested in breaking their way into the security industry and offering VIP protection services, the close protection course is the perfect start. On completion of the course, employment opportunities will increase due to the well-known stature of the training offered by Global Bodyguard Solutions, as well as the assurance of quality accreditation.

Security Practitioners Wanting to Upskill and Provide Industry-Leading Service

For security practitioners who are already a part of the growing security industry, this course offers the perfect solution to teams wishing to upskill in order to boost their quality of service. Graduates of the course boast industry-leading knowledge and skills which will allow companies and agencies to offer their clients the best service.

The Effective Training of Corporate Security Teams

Corporate security teams require stringent training in order to offer business entities an all-round security solution needed for maximised safety and efficiency. Corporate security members will most definitely benefit from the wide range of skills and knowledge obtained through the course, which includes effective project management and threat assessments.

Other candidates we train include:

  • Law Enforcement Members
  • Municipal Security Teams
  • Private Bodyguards
  • Executive Security Officials
  • International Clients

Be sure to contact us today for more information on our close protection course, and get ready to add to your toolbox of skills and knowledge with the experts themselves.