Executive Protection Services

Whether you are hosting VIP guests, important clients, or foreign suppliers, you need to consider their safety throughout their visit in South Africa. From the moment your guests land, it is important that they are offered safe transport and executive security for the duration of their stay, especially if they are not familiar with their surroundings.

Through executive protection services, not only will your guests’ security be maximised, but you will also be able to have plenty of free time and peace of mind knowing that they are being escorted securely and that their safety has been taken care of. The following services are only some of the value-added solutions which are offered by Global Bodyguard Security to ensure a safe visit for your guests.

Risk and Security Assessments

Whether your guests are overnighting on your premises, or you have booked them into a hotel or guest house, you may want a security risk assessment to be done. A security risk assessment will determine the level of safety which the premises can offer your guests, it will also identify any potential risks which can then be addressed to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Personal security guards can then use these assessments to offer comprehensive services with potential threats in mind.

Reliable and Secure Transport

Instead of your guests having to rely on unsafe and unfamiliar public transport, or having to disrupt your routine and business affairs by using your vehicle as primary transport, why not make use of holistic executive security services? Our executive security services include driving and escorting of your guests by experts who have completed the relevant driving courses and are highly-reliable in sticking to their given schedules. These services can be deployed from the moment your guests arrive at the airport, giving you the freedom to focus on other affairs.

Travel Advisory Assistance

If your guests are travelling throughout the country during their visit, our executive protection services also include travel advisory assistance. This means that your guests’ in-country travel arrangements are sure to offer the best security and safety for your peace of mind. Travel advisories may include assistance with flight plans, shuttling services, best-practice travel advice, and determining secure overnight destinations.

Contact us at Global Bodyguard Security Solutions in order to maximise the safety of your guests. We take care of everything, from transport to risk assessments, so that you can focus on what you do best.