People tend to picture bodyguard protection services as one, or perhaps a few well-dressed men surrounding a VIP as they go about their business. In reality, bodyguard agencies provide many more intricate services than an intimidating posse. The all-round executive protection services offered by Global Bodyguard Solutions include the physical protection of clients as well as that of their reputation, brand and image.

Global Bodyguard Solutions’ Holistic Approach to Bodyguard Protection Services

By offering a holistic approach to close protection services, Global Bodyguard Solutions’ close protection officers are always seen, but never heard. By this we mean that we are always present without interfering in the daily business of clients, we simply create a safe environment in which to do so. The following means are employed to ensure every aspect of bodyguard protection is covered in order to safeguard all the important areas of the client’s day and life, without our presence interfering.

Discretion is the name of the game and Global Bodyguard Solutions has perfected this over many years. The client will feel protected to the point where they can relax and almost forget that the security team is there. This is the level of peace of mind we aim to provide all of our bodyguard agency clients.

Threat Analysis

Our clients’ movements will be analysed by examining their schedule for the day. This information will allow our close protection officers to complete a thorough threat analysis of all areas the client will visit, who they will be meeting with and the security of the locations in question.

By collecting this information well before they occur our bodyguards have a well-rounded image of the day ahead and the risks they may involve. This allows for optimised vigilance and preparation for any bumps in the road long before they can occur.

Security Assessments

Contacting locations and collecting intelligence concerning the places the client will visit throughout the day is crucial. This allows our close protection officers to gain a clear picture of what security is already set up at the location. Communication between these teams and our clients’ close protection team means that all parties are occupied with the VIP’s safety.

Creating open lines of communication between location specific security teams and operations with that of Global Bodyguard Solutions’ close protection officers means that risks are minimised. The location conserves their reputation while allowing our bodyguards to be hypervigilant and in the loop at all times.

In-Country Risk Reports and Travel Advisories

The logistics involved in keeping a VIP safe while travelling is somewhat the same as that mentioned above; only more complex. The day to day projects of the clients will be analysed long beforehand, while all relevant parties are also interviewed. Global Bodyguard Solutions offers protection in the form of driving, escorting and shadowing the client as they complete their activities while travelling. The VIP is looked after 24/7 without their daily activities being interrupted in any way. We are experts in the art of executive protection and we fully understand the meticulous planning and execution of all the logistics involved in these processes.

If you require comprehensive executive protection services, look no further. Contact Global Bodyguard Solutions and we will protect every aspect of your daily journey.