A vital question that not enough (potential) bodyguards ask themselves is whether or not they are ready for this career and the bodyguard training it requires. Many individuals get tricked by movies into thinking it’s all about being muscular and menacing, but that’s really not it at all.

What you really need to ask yourself is this:

Are You Fit Enough?

While strength may be helpful in certain situations, the real physical requirement is fitness and stamina. It is very seldom that a close protection officer needs to do any heavy lifting to protect a client, while the ability to move quickly and reliably for varying lengths of time comes in handy far more often.

That is why our Close Protection Course requirements focus on health and fitness rather than strength. Do not neglect your strength training though, as you may need to carry somebody out of harm’s way at some point.

Are You Mentally Fit?

A close protection officer’s mental sharpness is far more important than any physical ability. VIP bodyguard training will teach you that defusing a potentially violent situation is far more important than intimidation or violence. Those approaches are more likely to put your client in greater danger as opposed to protecting them.

Being aware of the situation and being able to process the information available is a far more effective tool than any weapon you might carry.

Are You Qualified?

Much like the requirement to be mentally fit in the field, participation in our body training programme requires you to be fully literate in English. This is because the intensive planning and information gathering that form part of a close protection officer’s duties require the ability to read and write effectively. Your ability to read and understand a note left for the client could also make all the difference between identifying and missing a threat.

Another necessary qualification is a valid driver’s license (code 08, at least). The ability to take the wheel and drive your client out of a threatening situation without incident is vital and has made the difference between life and death for countless VIPs. That is why VIP body training teaches you all about defensive and tactical driving (which obviously requires a license).

So, do you have all of these necessary traits? If you do, contact us to take part in our rigorous bodyguard training programme and take your place amongst the elite close protection officers.