Airport Transfers for Travelling Businessmen and Women

The following piece will explore some of the benefits of airport transfers for businessmen and women. Top level executives and sales staff for various corporates around South Africa often find themselves having to travel around the country in order conclude sales or deals. This usually involves sticking to a strict itinerary in order to accommodate as many meetings throughout the day as possible. It’s also a question of safety – top ranking CEOs represent an ideal target for criminals looking to make easy money.

Adhering to strict time constraints

Travelling businessmen and women are almost always asked to get as much done as possible as quickly as they can. This can often mean meeting with representatives from several different companies in one day. This can become quite a sticky issue, especially if the travelling representative has never visited that particular city before.

Someone headed to Johannesburg from Durban for example simply will not be able to effectively find and commit to all possible meetings. Airport transfers via an experienced driver will not only get you to your meetings timeously, but will also ensure that you get there safely and comfortably.

Negate any security threats

A sound airport transfers service will ensure that you are delivered to your hotel or meeting safely. Getting lost in a particularly rough neighbourhood in Johannesburg’s CBD can represent a number of security threats from hijackings to smash and grabs. Having a driver that is familiar with the city is hugely advantageous, as he or she will be able to deliver you to your destination while negating as much risk as possible.

Why choose Global Bodyguard Solutions for your airport transfers?

Every single one of the drivers within our transfers department has received extensive driving training. We also offer a broad range of vehicles that cater to different client’s tastes and needs. Safety and punctuality are the two things atop our list of priorities. This helps ensure that you always arrive punctually and safely at your destination.

Get in touch with the team at Global Bodyguard Solutions today to find out more about our excellent airport transfers service.

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