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Advanced Training and Bodyguarding

By now we are all fully aware that bodyguarding involves the protection of someone from possible external threats. However, many people may not be aware of the vital skills that are required for proper bodyguarding to ensure the safety of the client at all times. In previous articles we covered weapons training, driving, reconnaissance and planning – but in this article we would like to go further and explain how our bodyguarding agents are trained with specialised skills such as searching for bombs, weapons tactics, and so on.

Pre-travel Preparations and Inspections

A great bodyguarding agent will understand that any vehicle left out of sight becomes a possible threat. It is surprisingly easy to rig a vehicle to explode or burn and requires special skills to detect. This is why we always ensure our agents are well-versed in criminal techniques and how to inspect and detect bugs, bombs and any other devices that could cause a security breach.

This applies to vehicles, safe-houses and any other location that is being travelled through. Bodyguarding agents will almost always work in teams so that one agent can scout an area whilst the others provide close quarters protection.

Weapons Tactics and Counter-Tactics

It’s vital for bodyguarding agents to understand the power and resourcefulness of every weapon available to both them as well as potential enemies. This is so they can rapidly assess situations under fire and react accordingly within seconds. Bodyguarding agents need to know how to deal with being under siege from various weapons like sniper rifles, sub-machine guns, explosives; and also how to counter the tactics that are being used.

There may be times when a bodyguarding agent needs to simply provide cover fire whilst the client escapes and there may be other times where staggered movement may be necessary, although regardless of the circumstances, the agent needs to be able to react accordingly as rapidly as possible.

So don’t gamble with your safety and always ensure that the bodyguarding agents that you are hiring to keep you safe are trained to handle any possible scenario. For bodyguard services that you can trust to keep you safe from any and every external threat, visit our site at or contact us directly to find out how we can help you attain complete peace of mind.

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