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The Advanced Skills of Professional Security Drivers

Although there are already so many dangers faced by drivers on South African roads, the dangers of driving become even more apparent for VIP’s who may be susceptible to planned attacks. That’s why we at Bodyguard Protection Services are here to provide you with peace of mind by offering you the most experienced and reliable security drivers. While the job may seem easy to most drivers, there is much more to professional security driving than one might expect. Security drivers need to not only be highly skilled in defensive driving tactics, but also need to understand security vehicles in and out – in order to handle them “like a pro”!

“Advanced” Defensive Driving

Although we previously mentioned that defensive driving is only one of the tools for effective security drivers, it is still certainly of vital importance. Simple techniques that all drivers learn, like keeping a safe following distance, not stopping abruptly, and rapidly identifying and “avoiding” threats, will always be the first and most important skills to perfect. However, security drivers will need to excel at basic defensive tactics and go beyond standard best practice techniques to the point of perfection. Driving can be ‘complicated’ at times and this becomes even more relevant when operating a heavy or bulky security detail vehicle; this is where advanced defensive driving becomes necessary for a security driver to be effective in his or her role

Specialised Vehicles Training

Vehicles used by security drivers are almost always reinforced with extra security measures like armour plating and extra fuel tanks. This can create some challenges if the security driver is not effectively trained. The extra weight that is meant to provide increased protection also means longer stopping time and slower reaction when making tactical manoeuvres. For these reasons we always send our security drivers on specialised vehicle courses so as ensure only the highest quality of protection.

Managing Stress

Possibly the most underrated skill for all professional security drivers is the ability to control the stress that emerges in a dangerous situation. This actually helps to avert crises most of the time without any unnecessary risk. Losing control in a moment of pressure can not only cause a security driver’s skills to waiver, but can lead to harm or even fatalities. Our agents undergo special training to emulate scenarios of high stress so that they can develop their skills, as well as practice and perfect precise tactical manoeuvres that will keep clients safe at all times!

We ensure that all of our security drivers are qualified, knowledgeable and well trained to handle the most complex of scenarios. If you are seeking professional security drivers, don’t hesitate to visit and find out exactly how we can help you.

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