Practising personal protection in South Africa

Personal protection takes on a variety of forms, protection against negligence and protection against vindictive bodily harm. By being aware of protection of self, it also follows that the guidelines used will affects the safety of the others around you. There are three stages involving protection:
Phase 1: Prevention of a harmful situation
Phase 2: Action once in the situation; Bodyguard services
Phase 3: Professional Investigation or Private Investigation after the situation
Phase 4: Regrouping once an incident has occurred .

Prevention of a potentially harmful situation

This would entail:
Pre - knowledge of the safety risks:
• For a company based situation - Use a risk- assessment sheet. Document all the risks that could affect you such as safety of the area, loose tiles, sufficient lighting to light up the premises. Risk assessment sheets should show the – date, type of risk, reasonable implementation of procedure and deadline date.
• For a personal risk assessment: eg if you are going out late at night to an unsafe area – is there a way to avoid this?
Are you able to use personal bodyguard services
House protection – can you improve the alarms, warnings, visibility and reduce the access to your property.
• Implementing reasonable precautions to prevent hazards from the risks
• Document the risks, and record incidents that happen. According to the Safety laws in South Africa, all reasonable action should be taken to prevent an incident from happening. .

Using PPE Personal Protective Equipment:

• Understand how to use this equipment eg Safety goggles, safety gloves, protective clothing, protective shoes / boots.
• Is the PPE personal protective Equipment maintained and in good working order?
• Who does this involve?
• Any person working in healthcare, persons using machinery, heavy or other, persons working with chemicals or laboratory equipment, persons using any kind of weapons
• Using common sense to avoid a problematic scenario

Pre-planning for possible incidences:

• Self- defence classes
• Professional protection
• Hiring of an Investigator
• Fire hydrants
• Escape route
• Contacts in case of emergencies

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